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Power Factor can be liken to a glass of beer you pay for a full glass, however you loose a certain amount of drinkable liquid in the form of froth.

Case Study 1

We have just installed an automatic capacitor switching bank to our clients plastic manafacturacting facility in Clayton, before installation his power consumption was around 440amps per phase power factor was around .62 We have corrected his power factor to around .95 and his electrical consumption has decreased to around 264amps, per phase – a significant saving.

By decreasing the power factor of his plant we have:

  • Reduced power consumption - Reduced electricity bills
    Freed up resources – Increased the existing supply and sub-board mains capacity
  • Improved Voltage supply – Less electronic equipment breakdowns
  • Reduced heat losses - equipment runs more efficiently
  • Plant now runs more efficiently

We can organise a visit to this facility where we can demonstrate the effectiveness of Power Factor correction. We can arrange a power profile from the supply authority which will determine your manufacturing plants current power factor. We then can take the necessary steps to manufacture the automatic capacitor banks, necessary to correct the power factor.




As there is an ever increasing demand for electricity within the manufacturing industry, demands on the supply authorities to produce more power is ever on the increase.

The supply authorities are now encouraging more than ever, that the manufacturing industry reduce power consumption by correcting their plants power factor. Poorly managed energy supplies result in unnecessary, and avoidable power wastage.

What is Power Factor?

"Power Factor" involves a relationship between two types of power. Working Power and Reactive Power. Most loads in modern electrical distribution systems are inductive, which means they require an electromagnetic field to operate.

Active Power (K.W.) – Performs the actual work of creating Heat, Light, Motion etc
Reactive Power – Energises the magnetic field

The operating power from the supply authority is comprised of both active (working) and reactive (non working) elements. The active power does all the useful work, while the reactive power only provides the magnetic field, and yes you are charged for both.

Above is a switching capacitor bank which we have recently installed for a client. The unit is a six step capacitor power factor correction system.(237.5 KVAR). As the power factor increases banks of capacitors come into circuit via a computer controlled switching unit which monitors our clients supply mains

The use of Power factor Correction will significantly reduce our clients electricity bill and free up power resources used by the manufacturing plant. (Click on image below for a larger view)



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