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Security Contractors Dickson & Funke Pty. Ltd. have been operating here in Victoria since 1950, we have been actively involved in all facets of the electrical contracting industry, from Domestic, Commercial and Industrial installations.

As the cost of everyday living grows more and more, the incidence of industrial/retail theft is also increasing. Retail businesses need more than ever to protect their stock against theft and damage, and a good retail security system will do that. A quality security system is an asset no business can do without.

We through, our other company, D-Tect Security Systems install and and design electronic access control alarm systems and C.C.T.V systems to meet our clients security needs.

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 Alarm Control Panels - Australian Made & Designed

The Ness security alarm systems are not only smart looking but very intelligent as well. The modern design and advance technology provides your family, home and business full protection and complete peace of mind.

Ness incorporates the best of Australian know how and ingenuity - designed with a very simple purpose in mind - to protect you and your property. The Ness Local version will protect you from unwanted intruders with its high decibel sirens and flashing strobe light. The Ness Dialer version will alert monitoring station when needed or it can even phone you at work or your mobile phone.


Here are just some of the Ness D8x - D16x Features:

  • 8 or 16 alarm zones.
  • Supports up to 3 keypads (Navigator, Saturn or LCD)
  • 56 user codes can be programmed to operate by keypad IN, radio key or access card.
  • Optional Ness Radio Interface for fully integrated wireless security.
  • 3 Door Access Controller onboard with support for Weigand prox or fingerprint readers.
  • Programmable Two Area partitioning can split the panel into two independent areas plus a common area.
  • Real Time Clock with Auto Time features - auto arm/disarm, auto aux outputs, time based user control.
  • Home Mode allows partial arming, (eg, perimeter security overnight).
  • Day Mode feature allows daytime monitoring of fire doors, cool rooms etc.
  • Temporary Day Zones allows easy enabling/disabling of Day mode.
  • Keypad Panic & Duress feature.
  • Two button arming feature.
  • Fire Alarm feature with different siren tones.
  • Highly flexible zone to output mapping.
  • Onboard Vibration Sensor Analyzer with programmable sensitivity. Use with Nessensor™ vibration sensors.
  • Multiple programmable EOL resistor values from 0k to 22k (2k2 resistors supplied).
  • Siren chirp and strobe flash on arming with radio key.
  • Quiet chirps option on arm/disarm by radio key.
  • True Dynamic Battery Test actively tests the battery under load every hour and every time a keypad code is entered.
  • 4 programmable auxiliary outputs.
  • Enhanced serial data input/output via RS232.
  • Automatic reset fuses.
  • 30 event memory can be reviewed by keypad or 80 event
  • memory when using the Ness Navigator keypad or Ness Comms software.
  • Standard defaults to suit most applications.
  • Easy programming by keypad or NessComms™ software.
  • All programming data is permanently stored in a non-volatile memory.
  • All inputs and outputs are heavily protected against lightning and high voltage supply transients.

Internet Ready

  • Supports mobile control using Ness iComms/aComms iPhone/ipad and Android apps and optional ethernet adapter

    Cbus Ready

  • Ness MiniCentral option provides support for up to 255 individual C-bus lights or outputs. Includes full dimming, On/Off and toggle commands with true 2 way communications on the C-bus network.


  • Full remote upload/download by PC and modem using Ness Comms™ software.

  • View system status and arm/disarm using NessComms™.

  • Remote control of outputs via telephone.

  • Contact ID Format - Two 14 digit phone numbers plus one “follow me” number.

  • Audible Voice format feature.

  • Phone line monitoring (activates output).

  • Dialer ‘Listen in’ option for installers.

  • Auto Test calls.

  • Pulse or DTMF dialing with true dial tone detection


    C.C.T.V. Video Surveillance I.P Camera Systems

    Close Circuit Television peace of mind at your finger tips. You can view your CCTV any where, any time our I.P. Megapixel cameras give clear crisp video images. Don't wait until it is too late. Protect your assets today.

    • Have the ability for continuous recording or set schedules
    • Recording on motion, track motion
    • Event logging such as doors opening for fast identification and retrieval
    • Panning, tilting and zoom camera footage
    • Exporting and saving footage to your PC or USB storage device
    • Viewing live or recorded footage over the internet via a PC, iPhone or Android Smartphone
    • Using infrared cameras designed for low lighting levels at night and outdoors use
    • Ability to remotely manage and control the CCTV system.

    The Photo below shows real world images made using 960H, AHD Version 1 and 1080P IP CCTV Systems.

    • 960H Pixels = 960 x 576 (A quarter of Full HD Resolution)
    • AHD Pixels = 1280 x 720 (Less than half of Full HD Resolution)
    • IP Pixels = 1920 x 1080   (Full HD Resolution)
    • The days of blurry images have gone, with our HD I.P. cameras images are clearer, sharper, and more identifiable than ever before so, if your CCTV system is not giving you the sharpest, clearest images .... It’s time to upgrade. Talk to us today.

    • You can view your CCTV system via a Smart phone, Tablet, P.C. ( Android, Apple or PC) anywhere in the world (Network connection required).

    CCTV at your finger tips



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